infolab data

InfoLAB E.I. is one of the leading European Data Recovery Labs established 1993. in Croatia, providing world firstclass Data Recovery services. We are well presented in European market with our own companies and representative offices. We have the special microelectronic and micromechanic laboratory for successful Data Recovery. We employ experiencedand university educated computer experts and specialists, covering all aspects of computer data recovery, digital recovery and forensic technology research and practice.
We are co-founder and member of world leading Data Recovery Group: infoLAB iRecovery Group

www.infoLAB.hr Zagreb, Croatia
www.infolabdata.it Verona, Italy
www.recuperodati-milano.it Milano, Italy

The main aspects of our business:
First and only Croatian Data Recovery, Digital Recovery, Data Repair and Data Security service. We can recover your work and data from damaged hard drives, SSD disks, RAIDs, NAS, microdrive, smartphone, tablet, all kind of flash devices, optical devices and all other media. We have our own class 100 and class 10 cleanroom, and best profesional laboratory equipment (DataShifter, Atola, DFL, MRT, RuSolut, Tektronix, Matsushita, Fluke) ChipRecovery: Data Recovery from damaged SSD, USB Flash and data media (Smartmedia, CF, MemoryStick, SD…), smartphones, tablets. We can guarantee You the best Data Recovery prices in Europe. Full range of professional and support services, in our computer lab. If you happen to be in Croatia and need assistance, please feel free to contact us. Specialized microelectronic service for all kind of Computers, Notebooks and Printers.
First Croatian Non Stop (00-24h) mobile emergency service team. In case of computer emergency, call team dispatcher at 091 2062 677.
We are open for all aspects of cooperation and very interested in any kind of business opportunity.
If you have questions or need any other information, feel free to contact us or give us a call. You will get a prompt response from one of our specialists.